2012 Congratulations

Congratulations to students from Wales and England whom attempted MOKKO National Grading on 22nd Sept 2012 and were successful.

Pontypridd school of Karate
Carl Davies Shodan, Sarah Vauaghan Shodan
Sharon White Shodan, Tayla Gould Shodan
Savannh James 1st Kyu, Aisha Jones 1st Kyu

Seven Sisters Kyokushin.
John Heath Nidan,
Fitzroy Guscott Shodan,
Slawek Wozniak 1st Kyu,

PICT0003 (2)

L to R Carl Davies, Tayla Gould, Sharon White, Sarah Vaughan


Group picture with Examiners Shihan heath left Shihan Andrews right,
fighter and grading Sensei Haines 3rd from left

IMG_2712 edit

Seven Sisters Kyokushin students-
 Slawek Wozniak, John Heath, Sensei Owen Bentley fighter, Fitzroy Guscott
All Photos taken on kumite and breaking to be updated soon.

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